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Re: Klingonase vs. tlhIngan Hol

>Look as far as we know Klingonaase could be another
>dialect, I mean come on, yes ford came out with the
>language first, but as pointed out by myself & below,
>itis not canon.  Many people from the same place have
>the same language, but different dialects.  Why not
>the Klingons?
>--- "Mark J. Reed" <> wrote:

I think it more likely that Klingonaase is another language entirely.  I 
know that in Star Trek, almost every planet has one culture, one language, 
one climate, but in reality, every speaking race we know of (okay, so 
there's only one) has more than one language, and they're not simply 
dialects of a single language.  Would you consider Swahili and Russian 
simply dialects of Terran?

I don't own KGT, and I have returned the copy I borrowed to the local 
library, but perhaps it says something about languages on {Qo'noS}.  I know 
it said something about the current emperor's dialect being {ta' Hol}, but I 
don't recall anything about other languages besides {tlhIngan Hol}.

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