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Re: Klingonase vs. tlhIngan Hol

Look as far as we know Klingonaase could be another
dialect, I mean come on, yes ford came out with the
language first, but as pointed out by myself & below,
itis not canon.  Many people from the same place have
the same language, but different dialects.  Why not
the Klingons?
--- "Mark J. Reed" <> wrote:
> A small point in response to charghwI's rant.
> It is unfair to lump John M. Ford and his language -
> which is
> the one called "Klingonaase", and which *predates*
> Dr. Okrand's
> tlhIngan Hol - in with those other authors who seem
> to have no
> respect for the careful creative linguistic efforts
> of others.
> Mr. Ford even included some tlhIngan Hol (as well as
> Klingonaase)
> in his second book, and took the trouble to get it
> right (at least as
> far as I can recall).  I got the impression that Mr.
> Ford was rather
> interested in linguistics - certainly in the
> relationship between
> language and culture - and for all we know, his
> Klingonaase language
> was more fully fleshed out in his head and/or
> private notes than in
> the book.  If the book *had* had any substantial
> linguistic content
> it's unlikely it would have been published. 
> Certainly Star Trek
> serial novel publication doesn't afford room for
> appendices such as
> those to the Lord of the Rings, and few authors can
> manage to get
> an entire book based on their own artificial
> language published.
> Dr. Okrand was quite lucky in this regard.
> Klingonaase is a fictional language, unrelated to
> tlhIngan
> Hol except for the fact that both are supposed to be
> the language of
> Star Trek Klingons.  The Klingons who speak
> Klingonaase have a very
> different culture from the ones who speak tlhIngan
> Hol; Klingonaase
> is clearly not canon in any sense of the word.  We
> know almost nothing
> about this language, and certainly don't have
> sufficient material to
> study it.  But it is NOT the same thing as Paramount
> Hol.
> --marqoS

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