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Re: Klingonase vs. tlhIngan Hol

A small point in response to charghwI's rant.

It is unfair to lump John M. Ford and his language - which is
the one called "Klingonaase", and which *predates* Dr. Okrand's
tlhIngan Hol - in with those other authors who seem to have no
respect for the careful creative linguistic efforts of others.
Mr. Ford even included some tlhIngan Hol (as well as Klingonaase)
in his second book, and took the trouble to get it right (at least as
far as I can recall).  I got the impression that Mr. Ford was rather
interested in linguistics - certainly in the relationship between
language and culture - and for all we know, his Klingonaase language
was more fully fleshed out in his head and/or private notes than in
the book.  If the book *had* had any substantial linguistic content
it's unlikely it would have been published.  Certainly Star Trek
serial novel publication doesn't afford room for appendices such as
those to the Lord of the Rings, and few authors can manage to get
an entire book based on their own artificial language published.
Dr. Okrand was quite lucky in this regard.

Klingonaase is a fictional language, unrelated to tlhIngan
Hol except for the fact that both are supposed to be the language of
Star Trek Klingons.  The Klingons who speak Klingonaase have a very
different culture from the ones who speak tlhIngan Hol; Klingonaase
is clearly not canon in any sense of the word.  We know almost nothing
about this language, and certainly don't have sufficient material to
study it.  But it is NOT the same thing as Paramount Hol.


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