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Re: ? about a word.

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From: "T. J. Harrington" <>

> I'm trying to give our ship a Klingon name.  The name
> of the ship is USS Schrodinger.  Since it was about a
> cat in a box, whether or not it was alive or dead.  I
> thought the Klingon word should be Hidden Cat.  Now I
> have found a word for hide, but is there a word for
> hidden or is it ok to use "So'" for hidden. Also I
> can't find a word for cat.  Any opinions, or help
> would be helpful.
vIghro' = cat like animal

I'm fairly sure  [vIghro' So'taH] or [vIghro' So'lI'] would be "hidding cat"
if So' can be used adjectively..

I don't think hide can take an object??  If it can then what about [vIghro'
So'ta'lu'bogh] .  That is probably completely incorrect.

Just thought.... What about using [ngaSwI'] for container... which would
mean [ngaSwI'Daq 'oH vIghro''e'] is hopefully "cat in the container" (The
cat it is in the container)

Or what about just [ taH'a' vIghro'] "Cat survive?"

Something to pull apart anyway.


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