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RE: 'e' with a to be verb

> Hmm.... if I say 'e' vISov, 'e' is acting as the object, qar'a'?
> If I do DIS QaQ vISov, DIS QaQ is the object and QaQ is acting as an
> adjective.
> So why does 'e' become a subject when I use a verb as an adjective on
> it?

But this says "I know a good year".  It doesn't say "I know the year is

> Hmmm... so I said, "I arrived on the USA" (which is prolly right, since
> I was in a plane and it landed on US soil ;), but I know what you mean.
> So the question then is, if "at" is in paw, and "on" is in -Daq... where
> is "in" and how do you decide that it's in paw and not in -Daq? ;)

Hold on there.  Don't get tied up in the english words used to express the
overall meaning of -Daq.
The direct object is the destination.
The noun with the -Daq is the medium or instrument with which the action
took place.
You arrive IN the usa ON a plane.
You arrive AT the station IN a ship.
Don't look at the IN, AT, ON.


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