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Re: More puns in new vocab

Steven Boozer <> ghItlh Monday, January 21, 2002,
11:27 PM
Subject: Re: More puns in new vocab

>>> vIlInHoD - a bird capable of mimicking speech
>Jeremy Silver wrote:
>: Exactly. "Pieces of Eight" is what iirc Long John Silver's (no relation
>: parrot from Treasure Island says. The name of said parrot?
>:   [...]
>: Captain Flint!
>Aha, you've got it!  I didn't recognize the pun because I've never read
>Treasure Island or seen the movie(s) thereof.
>For those who suggested "Captain Villain"... nice try, but no cigar.

Another suggestion (most probably unrelated)... FILIN is a sort of owl in
Russian (cf. Polish "Filka" in Mazowsze paralleling common "puchacz").


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