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Re: Klingon chat rooms?

lab DOOM-er:
  Heya all, I hope I'm not violating the rules here, since this email is 
neither in nor technically about Klingon, but I was really wondering if 
anybody knows any chatrooms on the Internet where Klingon is spoken?? I've 
looked but I can't find any. I've checked #klingon on several IRC networks 
but they're all empty or non-existent. An ICQ search for users interested 
in Klingon also didn't give very good results. And all I found on HTTP is 
the "Hot Blood Bar" which is always empty. I've heard there's a KLI 'MUSH 
enviroment' thingie, but I don't know how MUSH works and I can't even 
connect. I just think it would be really good for me (or anybody else 
learning the language) to be able to try to have actual live conversations 
in tlhIngan Hol, and not just translate pieces of text back and forth. 
Plus, it would be nice to be able to talk to some fellow Klingonists. :) 
Does anybody have any tips?

I see no violation in postings asking about a tlhIngan Hol chat room (or 
any other "how to study/how to organize a qepHom" type 
topic).  Unfortunately we currently have no MUSH or other chat room.   I 
completely agree that this is what we need to promote fluency in the 
language.  There are so many applications available to do this that I don't 
know why we don't have it.  I have written to Lawrence more than once 
urging him to make restoration of the MUSH a priority.

My telephone number is in the KLI directory.  Anyone who would like to 
speak real time Klingon -- perhaps you have one of those long distance 
plans with unlimited minutes at certain times of day, or you have some 
minutes to use up -- please e-mail me to arrange a time, and then I will be 
happy to converse with you.  My first few Klingon conversations were by 
telephone, although the one relayed via a digital answering machine went 

I won't meet you in an online chat room, because I have a problem with 
excessive use of online chat. 

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