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Re: Klingonase vs. tlhIngan Hol

 > Doesn't Klingonase/Klingoneese pre-date tlhIngan Hol, the language 
 > by Marc Okrand?

Just barely.

John M. Ford's first Klingon novel, The Final Reflection was published May 
1984, and tlhIngan Hol was created for Star Trek III, which premiered June 
1st 1984.  The first edition of TKD wasn't available to fans until 1985, 

 > From my understanding of this, Klingoneese words were
 > introduced in the books by John Ford. Some of these words were adopted by
 > 'gamers' and these are still used by KAG for honorifics and ranks. Isn't 
 > where the K'whatever names came from? Please correct me, as it is all very
 > confusing.

You have it exactly right.  With only a handful of words and phrases, Ford 
created the illusion of a language.  Mostly the vocabulary was honorifics, 
ranks, K'names and ritual expressions.  Most experienced Klingonists 
recognize Fordisms, and they are held in higher regard than ParHol.  There 
are a few in Hamlet, even.   I consider Klingonaase to be another language 
of the Empire.

 > > Klingoneese is how most refer to the "dialect" created by John Ford. 
ta' Hol
 > > refers to what Okrand gives us. tlhIngan Hol is how you refer to the 
 > > language, any dialect.

It's spelled Klingonaase, but even Ford's Klingons comment on the fact that 
DIvI' Hol speakers keep saying -eese.

And I just found this.

Not terribly relevant, just poor Marc getting spammed online, and he called 
some of us "amazing."  I didn't remember seeing it before.

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