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Re: Klingonaase vs. tlhIngan Hol

ja' Qov:
>...With only a handful of words and phrases, Ford
>created the illusion of a language.  Mostly the vocabulary was honorifics,
>ranks, K'names and ritual expressions.

In addition, there was a smattering of expletives and vulgarities.  Plus,
significantly, the "-aase" suffix:  "tool for manipulating".  That was
featured in the explanation of what "Klingonaase" actually means ("tool for
manipulating the embodiment of the Klin principle", or something like
that).  It's also apparently related to the word "kaase", meaning "hand".

>Most experienced Klingonists
>recognize Fordisms, and they are held in higher regard than ParHol.  There
>are a few in Hamlet, even.

There are one or two in Paramount canon as well.  Tha Black Fleet is a
piece of Ford's Klingon culture.

>I consider Klingonaase to be another language of the Empire.

I think of it as the language of an Empire of legend, one which everyone
has heard of but which doesn't quite "exist" in the same way as the one we
see on TV. :-).

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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