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RE: KLBC: "New York"Daq lengwIj

> My intended meaning, as with the English, was "my best friend".  I got
> {jupwI' QaQ law' Hoch QaQ puS} "my friend is the best", and
> then put the -'e' onto jupwI' in
> an attempt to indicate that it's my friend whom I'm talking about -- "my
> friend, who is the best".  Perhaps law'/puS can't be used that
> way.  Or if it can, maybe I needed a relative clause marker.
> Now that I think about it, I probably should have just said {jup
> QaQqu'wI'}.

KGT p202;  Close male friend of a male - maqoch
Close female friend of a female - chaj
You could also add the suffix -na' on jup, jupna' "real friend, good

> chal SIch qachmey; HuDmey rur bIH.  'ej ngechmeyDaq Hurgh.
> The buildings reached the sky, like mountains.  And in the
> valleys, it was dark.


DloraH, BG

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