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Re: More puns in new vocab

>> cha'par - "a bird noted for its song"

> {cha'par} from PARtridge?
: It might as well be a PARrot, unless we're talking about a PARtridge
: in a PAIR tree. 

Or a PEAR tree!

}Anyway, "Partridge" actually makes sense to me somewhat. Russ may be 
}thinking of the tv series "The Partridge Family". Although I didn't watch 
}it much, I believe the show was about a family who also played as a rock 
}band (note that a {cha'par} is noted for its song). During the theme song 
}from the show, the members of the family were represented by animated 
}Partridge birds. 

I think Russ and taD are right on this one, considering Okrand's fondness for
"classic" TV references.

Hmm... are parrots particularly noted for their singing?  I always think of
them as noisy talking (or mimicking) birds whose coloring could be described as
garish, which would make them a Terran analogue to the:

>> parbIng - "a mid-sized bird with particularly garish coloring 
>>            (at least from a Klingon point of view"

Anyone figured this one out yet?  PARRot perhaps, but {-bIng}?  The only
Klingon {bIng} we know of is a noun meaning "area below, area under".  Someone
suggested BING Crosby, IIRC, but I've never considered him to be particularly

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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