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Re: A couple of questions.

The simple truth is, we don't have a word for "knuckle". We can describe it 
many ways. I doubt anybody can claim to have come up with the "right" way to 
express anything for which we don't have a word, so there's little use in 
arguing about. If you need to actually SAY something about your knuckle, 
describe it:

SIHmeH DaqDaq 'oy' nItlhwIj.

QapHa'law' nItlhwIj SIHwI'. chaq ghorlu'.

jISuvtaHvIS nItlhwIj 'ay' jojDaq nItlh 'ay'wIj wItlhlu'. rarHa' nItlh 'ay' 
rarwI'. 'oy'. regh. qay'be'. jeghwI' vIHoH. buy' ngop!

tlhIngan Hol jatlhlaHchu'be' nov. jIHvaD QormeH wanI' Del novvam 'e' nID 
novvam. mu'mey yap Hutlhmo' novvam, wanI' 'aghmeH, ghopDu'Daj lo'. jegh Da wa' 
ghop. SuvwI' Da latlh. chor 'oS chap. DeSDu' 'uSDu' je 'oS nItlhDu'. SentaHvIS, 
pe'vIl nItlh qIvDaq jeghqoq HIv SuvwI'qoq...

In English, there is, to my knowledge, no word for that part of my lip where 
the skin changes from face skin to lip skin, right in the corner on the left 
side, even though that is a common location for zits, fever blisters and paper 
cuts, so by all rights, it probably SHOULD have a word for it. I've lived 47 
years without that word. Likely, you can live for a while without a Klingon 
word for knuckle.

Just because someone asked for it doesn't mean we have to have one. The part we 
keep forgetting is that what we really need is to write more stuff in Klingon 
instead of just thinking up more words we think we need. It is so easy to get 
off task here.


> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "TPO" <>
> > > The elbow and knee are
> > > comparable joints but feel that logic would see the use of qIvHom as in
> > > nItlh qIvHom working for lesser/small joints like knuckles
> >
> > Including nItlh tells you it is the lesser/small joints like knuckles.
> No I mean I can accept arm-knee for elbow but finger-knee for knuckle???
> Thinking of the arm an leg as similar body parts, the knee and elbow are the
> same joint but knuckles are just joints... That's why I'd suggested [nItlh
> rarwI'].
> qe'San

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