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RE: A couple of questions.

> > The elbow and knee are
> > comparable joints but feel that logic would see the use of qIvHom as in
> > nItlh qIvHom working for lesser/small joints like knuckles
> Including nItlh tells you it is the lesser/small joints like knuckles.

While this is true, it is also true that since each finger has three knuckles, 
we might be attracted to the idea that the "middle" knuckle (the one you use to 
knock on a door) is nItlh qIv, the knuckle you hit people with is nItlh qIv'a' 
and the one you have a really hard time moving without moving the other two is 

Note here that I'm just playing with an idea here. I AM NOT PROPOSING OFFICIAL 
> DloraH


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