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RE: lIHghach

> Well, with a few weeks I meant 1 - 1.5 months... but I don't know how to
> say that in Klingon so I somewhat chose an easy way out. :) Question...
> Hogh is week (Klingon), so is it even ok to use it to indicate 7 Terran
> days? Or does everybody just conveniantly forget the distinction?

Even at a month it's still good.  And that brings us to  jar - month.
qaStaHvIS wa' jar ...

We don't know for sure how the klingon calendar matches with ours.  Many
people do use it to refer to our week (and jar for month, and DIS for year,
etc).  If you're being approximate I don't see any problem.  If you need to
be specific about seven days, then say seven days.

>  > "Netherlands"Daq jIyIn 'e' chaq boleghlaH.
> In KGT we also get  Dab - "dwell in/at, reside in/at"
> So you would say {Netherlands vIDab}.
> And I won't have to use -Daq? Neat. :)

That's right.

> But... KGT translates ben as years old (n). Can't I use it in that way?

It was used for describing wine.
(I don't remember the age used)
*cha'vatlh ben HIq - "200 year old wine", which is really "wine of 200 years

(KGT really needs an index!)

DloraH, BG

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