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RE: lIHghach

I'm sending the below mail for the second time, I sent it yesterday but it 
never arrived (odd).

Hey DloraH, thank you for your reply, job or not. :)

It looks like you're saying that you've been learning klingon for a few
weeks.  Well, I don't believe you.  I know I didn't do this well in my third
week, or third month for that matter.

Well, with a few weeks I meant 1 - 1.5 months... but I don't know how to 
say that in Klingon so I somewhat chose an easy way out. :) Question... 
Hogh is week (Klingon), so is it even ok to use it to indicate 7 Terran 
days? Or does everybody just conveniantly forget the distinction?

 >> Hogh puS tlhIngan Hol vIghojtaH

The time stamp Hogh puS only says "a few weeks"; but how is it fitting in?
I'm guessing you mean "during a few weeks".  In TKD p171 we see an example
that starts with {qaStaHvIS wa' ram ...} "While one night occurs..." or "In
one night..."  Let's use this same tool on your sentence:
qaStaHvIS Hogh puS  tlhIngan Hol vIghojtaH.

Ah... that's an innovative solution... but creativity is a must for 
speaking Klingon I think. :)

 > 'ej yu'ghachmey law' vIghaj.

Without another verb suffix accompanying -ghach, this usage is said to be
marked, kind of weird.  Plus, yu' is "question, interrogate" so yu'ghach
could be "interrogation", and your sentence would say "I have many

Hm, I already suspected from the examples in TKD that -ghach was only meant 
for verbs with suffixes... and yes, of course "question" is not the verb I 
should have used... I sometimes make mistakes like that because English is 
not my mother language. Oh well.

Do you have KGT (Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)?
In KGT we get  ghel - "ask (a question)"

Yes I have KGT... I checked it too, but didn't think to look at the 'a' for 
'ask a question'.

 > "Netherlands"Daq jIyIn 'e' chaq boleghlaH.

In KGT we also get  Dab - "dwell in/at, reside in/at"
So you would say {Netherlands vIDab}.

And I won't have to use -Daq? Neat. :)

 > cha'maH wa' ben jIH.

This sentence could make an interesting topic for a philosophical
discussion, but at the beginners' level we should include what it was that
happened 21 years ago.  bogh - be born
cha'maH wa' ben jIbogh

But... KGT translates ben as years old (n). Can't I use it in that way?

 > wej pong tlhIngan vIghaj.

wej tlhIngan pong vIghaj.

Of course. tlhIngan is not "be Klingon" (v). Ok. I knew that.

DloraH choboQta'mo' qatlho'!

Dum'er   (pongwIj chu', QIpbe'taH 'e' vItultaH!)

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