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Re: Saj von Suq Qa'Hom cha'DIch'e'

I nearly left off the original Terran joke to avoid confusion but thought
I'd add it in case I'd created a complete mess.

Just thought!! "Trap food" would probably be best served with two nouns or
[vonwI' Saj] rather than trying to use [von] adjectively (also corrected

ghargh Suqjaj vem'eq 'eq 'ach vonwI' Saj Suq Qa'Hom cha'DIch

For the purpose of the attempt my literal translation is:
The early bird may get the serpent worm but the second "little animal" gets
the trap food

----- Original Message -----
From: "Sean Healy" <>

> >qagh Suqjaj vem'eq 'eq 'ach Saj von Suq Qa'Hom cha'DIch'e'
> >
> >"The early bird may get the worm but the second mouse
> > gets the cheese"
> "mouse" 'oH'a' Qa'Hom?  nuqvo' De'vam?
> "TKD"wIjDaq vIlaDbogh mu'mey biH

I know it was on Klingon Language Lab CD Rom

> <<Qa'   type of animal>>.

Qa'Hom - little animal (n) e.g., a ligonian titmouse

I thought a justifiable replacement for mouse... Whatever the creature, one
might set a trap for it and if so the second one will get the "trap food" or


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