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Re: jIHvaD qechmey'e' boQubbogh tIbaH

> At this point here are some thoughts. There are two categories of things
> that are said.

> 1) Things that clearly need to be said (viz. to achieve their goals)
> 2) Things that do not clearly need to be said, but are said anyway.

> In the first group are some of the following subcategories:
> 1a) They say things to win over allies.
> 1b) They say things to attract mates. (Possibly the only *true* linguistic
> universal!)
> 1c) They say things to intimidate enemies.
> 1d) They say things to maintain society, e.g. commands, instructions, oaths,
> allegiances etc.

> In the other category, I can't think of much:
> 2a) They say things regarding the honor/dishonor of other Klingons, and
> maybe of their own honor as well, in some circumstances. But this all kind
> of goes along with 1d.
> 2b) Poetry... We know Klingons have art, but just how "necessary" is art to
> society? (Wait, don't try to answer that! It'll take months!)

tay' je ghomvam ghom 1d je.

qaStaHvIS rep jaj joq nugh leH ghom 1d. qaStaHvIS jarmey nugh leH ghom 2a.
qaStaHvIS DISmey 'ej qanchoHtaHvIS puq 'ej cho'taHvIS nugh leH ghom 2b.

ngoD'a''e' Sovbogh nugh pol 'ej choq bom lut je 'ej nem SuvwI'vaD nob.

> Ok, so now that I think about it, maybe Klingons would like to fill out a
> survey after all, but their answers would be geared less towards, "See
> how interesting I am, you guys," and more towards, "See how great my
> allies and I are, and how pathetic my enemies are. Bwahahahahaaa!!!!"

<<batlh vIghajqu' 'e' vItu'>> jatlhmeH ghaytan lujang.

Jiri Baum <> 
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