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Re: continue

From: "Sean Healy" <>
> How would I say that I continue doing something that I was already doing?
> Or I could go for the complete recast and say {jISuv 'e' vImevbe'.}
> the context, that would probably work.

This seems the best to me.


jatlh jupwI': SuStel!

jISoptaH 'e' vImevbe'.

jach jupwI'; jatlh: bISoptaH 'e' yImev.

jISoptaH 'e' vImevbe'.

muqIp jupwI'.  jatlh: SuStel!!!!!!!!!!

jISoptaH 'e' vImev.  jIjatlh: jISopbe' qatlh DaneH?**

jang jupwI'; jatlh: bIpI'choHtaH.

**There is evidence that this should be /qatlh jISopbe' DaneH/.  In Star
Trek V Captain Klaa says /reH DIvI' Duj vISuv vIneH/ for "I've always wanted
to fight a Federation ship" (or something close to that).  Notice how it
appears to say "I want to always fight a Federation ship," a very different
concept.  Whereas in the standard Sentence as Object construction, /'e'/ is
the object (standing in for the previous sentence), Klaa's sentence might be
interpreted as using the previous sentence itself as the object, which puts
the adverbial /reH/ before it.  This is all just speculation, however.

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