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Re: Klingon dictionary text file

ghItlh John Abrahams:

>what ever happened to freedom of speech and that ancient concept of
>spreading knowledge. what a sad age we live in.

bIjatlh. DaneHchugh, vaj yIjatlh.
SovlIj Danobchugh, vaj yInob.
qay'be'. Qochbe' Hoch.

'ach, nuv mu'mey DanIHDI', pImqu'.

Our discussion of the Klingon language IS free, as is this mailing list.
The spread of knowledge, the debate of differing points of view, the
sharing of insights and experience as they relate to our common interest in
the Klingon language, all of these things have existed here since this
list's inception.

I praise the glories of this age in which we live, when so much scholarship
is so readily available and accessable throughout the world, when
Klingonists span the globe and can communicate through this and other fora
of the KLI, and when so many published works currently exist in Klingon and
more are planned.

If there is sadness, it is the disingenuous whining and plaintive squealing
of those who hunger for a thing with all the attention span of a child who
lusts for some shiny bauble only to lose all interest if it requires the
slightest effort or if it is not immediately forthcoming.

Mourn the age's emphasis on capitalism, if you will, and you might perhaps
muster some compelling arguments and sympathy, but not in the realm of
information, education, and the disemmination of both. Never before in the
history of the world has so much been available to so many for so little.

::stepping down from the soapbox::

My apologies. May this be my only diatribe to the list in 2002. As an
author, educator, and researcher, I have no patience for those who try to
lay fair claim to the creative efforts of others under the rallying cry of
"information wants to be free."

DIS chu' yItIv,


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