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RE: Klingon dictionary text file

> Does anyone have a text file of klingon english and english klingon
> dictionary translations and perhaps even synonyms and antonyms. I want to
> compile one and i was wondering if someone has already done it. If
> anyone has done it I would appreciate a copy.


> It would save everyone a lot of work if it has already been done.

Save time, yes.  But you would gain so much more if you write it yourself.
Most (all?) of the veterans of klingon have written their own compilations.
When you write such a list on your own, you most likely won't remember all
the translations, but you will have a better idea of what words do exist, a
better idea of what words to bother looking up.

So even if we don't bring up "Copyright", the benefits of such an exercise
are certainly worth the time and effort.

DloraH, BG

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