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RE: yaywIj yIngaq!

> > > > > >Georgia qumwI' vImojmeH jI'ovlI', law' Hu' 'e' vImaqqu'.
> > 
> > The first part is good.
> > The second half, "I very much proclaim that days ago are many".
> > To say that you made the announcement many days ago, you need to
> > switch law' and Hu'.
> > law' Hu'  is a sentence, "Days ago are many"; so the 'e' is refering
> > to this previous sentence.
> > For a time stamp you want  Hu' law'  "many days ago".
> OK - Would the <'e'>  go before or after <Hu' law'> to correctly 
> refer to the first part?  Or ought it to have simply been omitted?  
> I was attempting to say that I made the proclamation many days ago, 
> and to convey that the proclamation itself was strongly made.  
> Perhaps <...Hu' law' pe'vIl 'e' vImaq> ??  (I put <pe'vIl> after <Hu' 
> law'> in accordance with TKD Addendum 6.7, but not after the <'e'>, 
> because that *is* the object rather than a topicalizer.)

For me both pe'vIl or -qu' works.
All you had to do with the original sentence was switch law' and Hu'
Hu' law' 'e' vImaq
You were correct to include 'e' and you had it in the right place.  You just 
had to change the SENTENCE law' Hu'  into a TIME STAMP Hu' law'.
(see Will's reply to this about using law')

> > > > > >Georgia rewbe'pu', Qu'wIj yIngaq!
> > > > > >wa'maH chorgh leS, paw qad'a' wa'DIch.
> > 
> > I think of paw as being for something physical.  Does a qaD'a'
> arrive?
> > Perhaps "occur" qaS.
> > ... qaS qaD'a' wa'DIch.
> how about:
> ...qad'a' wa'Dich vIcharghnIS

Yes, I suppose that could work too.  And I'm sure there are many other choices 
(Be careful about the uppercase letters.)

> > > > > >jI'um'a'?  Georgia Libertarian qep'a'Daq, jaj'e' wuq quprIp.
> > 
> > I'm not sure what you mean by jaj'e'.
> > "as for a day, the Council decides it."
> There's a space missing.  It should have been <jaj   'e'>. I was 
> trying to say "At the big GL gathering, on the that day Council 
> [will] decide [the previous question]."

Your english says "that day".  This brings in the suffix -vetlh.

Using 'e' to refer to jI'um'a' brings the problem of QAO (Question As Object).
You could leave of the 'e' and just say "... the Council will decide."
But then the klingon would be  qep'a'Daq jaj wuq quprIp.  Is jaj the object of 
wuq or is it the time stamp?  Move jaj to the begining of the sentence.
jajvetlh qep'a'Daq wuq quprIp.

> (I used <wuq> rather than 
> <luwuq>, on the assumption that the Council is a singular noun even 
> though it refers to a group of individuals.)

That is correct.

> > > > > nuHmey SeHnISlu' je.
> > > >"And weapons must be controlled."
> > 
> > DoS qIplu' 'e' 'oS nuHmey SeHmeH mIw!
> Is this ^^^ a rendering into tlhIngan Hol of the tera'ngan proverb 
> "Gun control means hitting what you aim at."?

maj.  Yes, you interpreted that correctly.

> > taHjaj voDleH... wejpuH!
> > "Long live the queen... Not!"
> Very interesting.  On my first go at this, I took <taH> as the verb 
> "be at a negative angle", and, with the addition of the <jaj> suffix 
> took this as a metaphorical rendering of "May the emperor be 
> overthrown" - almost the exact opposite of what was meant.

I was just including a couple subtle messages about why/how we have a USA

> Yes, I have KGT.  I was just relying on the web site "new words list" 
> instead - mistake.

There are four places to look up words: 
TKD addendum
New Words List

DloraH, BG

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