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Re: yaywIj yIngaq!

At 17:15 02/27/2002, Garrett wrote:
>I will now revert to English.  My command of tlhIngan Hol is such
>that creating my original message took about half an hour, and
>henceforth I will be discussing the *language* of the messages, not
>the topic.  (Readers are of course invited to discuss the *TOPIC*
>with me off-list.)
> > ghItlh 'etlhqengwI':
> > >Georgia qumwI' vImojmeH jI'ovlI', law' Hu' 'e' vImaqqu'.
> > >
> > >Georgia rewbe'pu', Qu'wIj yIngaq!
> > >
> > >wa'maH chorgh leS, paw qad'a' wa'DIch.
> > >
> > >jI'um'a'?  Georgia Libertarian qep'a'Daq, jaj'e' wuq quprIp.
> > >
> > >Qu'wIj yImuv! yIlaD.
> > >
> > >DaH peSap!
>Now let me see if I get the sense of what you have said.  Bear with
>me as I will be reading TKD and typing VERY slowly.  <grin>
> >
> > loQ bIpabHa' 'ach qayajbej.
>"You have slightly broken the rules, never the less I certainly
>understand."  (Presumably the rules of grammar? Group rules allow ALL
>topics, if spoken in Hol, correct?  OK, help me out - where did I go
>wrong linguistically?)

I'll recommend reposting your message as KLBC. Our fine BG will be
better able to assist than I.

> > bIvangmo' qaqaD!
>"Because you take action, I challenge you."

You've translated it correctly, however I typoed "qaqaD". I intended

> > bep neH rewbe' law' (jIbepmo' neH, jItuH) 'ach qum mIw DajeS 'ej batlh
> > bIvang.
>"Many citizens only complain (I am ashamed because I only complain.)
>however you it participate in the government process and take
> > ngochmeylIjmo' maQoch 'ach potlhbe'.
>"Because of your policies we disagree however, [that is] not
> > loQ malja' qumnISlu'.
>"Business must be governed."
> > nuHmey SeHnISlu' je.
>"And weapons must be controlled."
> > Huchmo' qal qummaj 'ach Do'Ha' 'uttaH qummaj.
>"Unfortunately however, because of money our government is
>essentially a corrupt government."  (I am ignoring what looks like a
>superflous <maj> on one instance of <qum>)

All the above is correct. I used "qummaj" to refer to our government
(the U.S.A.) as I have little direct experience with other governments.

> > wej ma'Itlh.
>"We are not yet advanced."
> > cha' ben *naDIr* vIwIv.
>"Two years ago I chose Nader."  (I can't resist - the tlhIngan Hol
>spelling is *so* much better. <grin>)
> > jISuDlaw' ;)
>"Apparently I'm Green"

All correct.

> > SoHvaD wIvmeH vIttlhegh puS vIqon:
>--- for you choose-for truth-line be-few[or]sight I record ---
>(OK - here, I'm lost.  From the first two words, I get the sense that
>you are setting up a sort of conditional - "In order [for me] to
>choose you...".  And I take the closing verb to indicate that the
>conditional is referring to the sentences that follow - You are
>"recording" them as suggestions?  Or you are saying this "for the
>record"?  But <vittlhegh> [truth-line?] and <puS> [to be few?  or to
>sight?] are confusing me.)

"wIvmeH vIttlhegh" was my poor attempt to render "campaign slogan".
So it would translate more like "For you, a few slogans I composed".

> > <<tuwIvbe'chugh SuHegh!>>
>'If you don't choose me, you [will] die.'

"Vote for me or die!"

> > <<pe'omQo'! DaH HIwIv!>>
>'Don't <???>!  Support me NOW!'
>(This one eludes me also.  I am assuming from the context that <pe>
>in this case is the imperitive prefix, and <Qo'> the negative
>emphatic suffix.  Thus, I looked for the root word <'om> both in TKD
>and in the list of new words on the KLI site, but couldn't find it.)

"'om" came from KGT. It means "to resist, fend off".

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