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RE: yaywIj yIngaq!

On 27 Feb 2002 at 22:05, TPO wrote:

> > > > >Georgia qumwI' vImojmeH jI'ovlI', law' Hu' 'e' vImaqqu'.
> The first part is good.
> The second half, "I very much proclaim that days ago are many".
> To say that you made the announcement many days ago, you need to switch law'
> and Hu'.
> law' Hu'  is a sentence, "Days ago are many"; so the 'e' is refering to this
> previous sentence.
> For a time stamp you want  Hu' law'  "many days ago".

OK - Would the <'e'>  go before or after <Hu' law'> to correctly 
refer to the first part?  Or ought it to have simply been omitted?  
I was attempting to say that I made the proclamation many days ago, 
and to convey that the proclamation itself was strongly made.  

Perhaps <...Hu' law' pe'vIl 'e' vImaq> ??  (I put <pe'vIl> after <Hu' 
law'> in accordance with TKD Addendum 6.7, but not after the <'e'>, 
because that *is* the object rather than a topicalizer.)

> > > > >Georgia rewbe'pu', Qu'wIj yIngaq!
> > > > >wa'maH chorgh leS, paw qad'a' wa'DIch.
> I think of paw as being for something physical.  Does a qaD'a' arrive?
> Perhaps "occur" qaS.
> ... qaS qaD'a' wa'DIch.

how about:
...qad'a' wa'Dich vIcharghnIS

> > > > >jI'um'a'?  Georgia Libertarian qep'a'Daq, jaj'e' wuq quprIp.
> I'm not sure what you mean by jaj'e'.
> "as for a day, the Council decides it."

There's a space missing.  It should have been <jaj   'e'>. I was 
trying to say "At the big GL gathering, on the that day Council 
[will] decide [the previous question]."  (I used <wuq> rather than 
<luwuq>, on the assumption that the Council is a singular noun even 
though it refers to a group of individuals.)

> > > > nuHmey SeHnISlu' je.
> > >"And weapons must be controlled."
> DoS qIplu' 'e' 'oS nuHmey SeHmeH mIw!

Is this ^^^ a rendering into tlhIngan Hol of the tera'ngan proverb 
"Gun control means hitting what you aim at."?

> taHjaj voDleH... wejpuH!
> "Long live the queen... Not!"

Very interesting.  On my first go at this, I took <taH> as the verb 
"be at a negative angle", and, with the addition of the <jaj> suffix 
took this as a metaphorical rendering of "May the emperor be 
overthrown" - almost the exact opposite of what was meant.

> > > > jISuDlaw' ;)
> > >"Apparently I'm Green"
> I thought he said he apparently gambled (voting for Nader).
> (Is Nader with the "green" party?  I'm not into politics that much.)

Well, in this case, it could carry *both* meanings <grin>.  Yes, 
Nader was the Green Party presidential candidate in 2000.

> > > > <<pe'omQo'! DaH HIwIv!>>
> > >'Don't <???>!  Support me NOW!'
> >
> > "'om" came from KGT. It means "to resist, fend off".
> vIttlhegh is from KGT as well. "proverb" (n).
> Garrett, do you have KGT (Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)?

Yes, I have KGT.  I was just relying on the web site "new words list" 
instead - mistake.

Garrett Michael Hayes

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the United States Federal Department 
of Annoying Paternalism.

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