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RE: yaywIj yIngaq!

> > > >Georgia qumwI' vImojmeH jI'ovlI', law' Hu' 'e' vImaqqu'.

The first part is good.
The second half, "I very much proclaim that days ago are many".
To say that you made the announcement many days ago, you need to switch law'
and Hu'.
law' Hu'  is a sentence, "Days ago are many"; so the 'e' is refering to this
previous sentence.
For a time stamp you want  Hu' law'  "many days ago".

> > > >Georgia rewbe'pu', Qu'wIj yIngaq!
> > > >wa'maH chorgh leS, paw qad'a' wa'DIch.

I think of paw as being for something physical.  Does a qaD'a' arrive?
Perhaps "occur" qaS.
... qaS qaD'a' wa'DIch.

> > > >jI'um'a'?  Georgia Libertarian qep'a'Daq, jaj'e' wuq quprIp.

I'm not sure what you mean by jaj'e'.
"as for a day, the Council decides it."

> > > >Qu'wIj yImuv! yIlaD.
> > > >DaH peSap!
> > >
> > > loQ bIpabHa' 'ach qayajbej.
> >"You have slightly broken the rules, never the less I certainly
> >understand."  (Presumably the rules of grammar? Group rules allow ALL
> >topics, if spoken in Hol, correct?  OK, help me out - where did I go
> >wrong linguistically?)
> I'll recommend reposting your message as KLBC. Our fine BG will be
> better able to assist than I.

And with this clue, I guess he's refering to rules of grammar.

> > > loQ malja' qumnISlu'.
> >"Business must be governed."

Don't forget the loQ "slightly"

> > > nuHmey SeHnISlu' je.
> >"And weapons must be controlled."

DoS qIplu' 'e' 'oS nuHmey SeHmeH mIw!
taHjaj voDleH... wejpuH!
"Long live the queen... Not!"

> > > cha' ben *naDIr* vIwIv.
> >"Two years ago I chose Nader."  (I can't resist - the tlhIngan Hol
> >spelling is *so* much better. <grin>)
> >
> > > jISuDlaw' ;)
> >"Apparently I'm Green"
> All correct.

I thought he said he apparently gambled (voting for Nader).
(Is Nader with the "green" party?  I'm not into politics that much.)

> > > SoHvaD wIvmeH vIttlhegh puS vIqon:
> >--- for you choose-for truth-line be-few[or]sight I record ---
> >(OK - here, I'm lost.  From the first two words, I get the sense that
> >you are setting up a sort of conditional - "In order [for me] to
> >choose you...".  And I take the closing verb to indicate that the
> >conditional is referring to the sentences that follow - You are
> >"recording" them as suggestions?  Or you are saying this "for the
> >record"?  But <vittlhegh> [truth-line?] and <puS> [to be few?  or to
> >sight?] are confusing me.)
> "wIvmeH vIttlhegh" was my poor attempt to render "campaign slogan".
> So it would translate more like "For you, a few slogans I composed".

Instead of wIvmeH, perhaps SIghmeH or ponmeH.

> > > <<pe'omQo'! DaH HIwIv!>>
> >'Don't <???>!  Support me NOW!'
> >(This one eludes me also.  I am assuming from the context that <pe>
> >in this case is the imperitive prefix, and <Qo'> the negative
> >emphatic suffix.  Thus, I looked for the root word <'om> both in TKD
> >and in the list of new words on the KLI site, but couldn't find it.)
> "'om" came from KGT. It means "to resist, fend off".

vIttlhegh is from KGT as well. "proverb" (n).
Garrett, do you have KGT (Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)?

DloraH, BG

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