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Re: -lu'wI' (was: Re: agentive -wI')

From: <>
> > but it does appear in ghIlghameS:
> > leghbe'lu'wI' = "unseen". So it IS out there, isn't it?
> Hey, where did that come from?
> And to think I'm one of those that doesn't like -lu'wI'.
> And that got past me, the proofreaders, the editor, and those (few?) that
> read the book, with no comment about that usage. (And some of the readers
> paying attention because they did question other usages (not wrong usages,
> maybe weird)).

paqlIj wa'DIch neH vIlaD.  pIj pab qay' vIlegh, 'a mupIlmoH lut
Damughta'bogh SoH.  jIbep DaneH 'e' vISovbe'.

paqlIj cha'DIch vIje'pu' 'a wej vIlaDpu'.  vIlaDDI' 'ej pab qay' vIleghDI',
jIbep DaneH'a'?  :)

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