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Re: agentive -wI'

Just a question about the use of personal affixes with -wI', before it's 
completely run into the ground.

I noticed that many of the people who didn't mind muHoHwI' did actually mind 
HoHlu'wI'. Can anyone shed some light on why they feel this way? Please do 
use linguistic terminology and examples from real languages where applicable, 

I personally find muHoHwI' very odd-sounding, but if you accept it at all, 
shouldn't you also accept HoHlu'wI' and its kin?

Btw, in Hamlet I remember we made it a point not to use -lu'wI' (or maybe we 
just didn't even bother trying), but it does appear in ghIlghameS: 
leghbe'lu'wI' = "unseen". So it IS out there, isn't it?

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