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Re: Secret information?

TKW p111 for another example of {meQ} used adjectivally; maybe the same example 
in a different source.

> From: <>
> > I have a couple of questions about the definitions here.  In the
> dictionary that
> > I compiled meQ is defined as "burn".  Can you tell me where you found "be
> > burnt"?
> I think there's more than one, but the one I can remember offhand is
> Ha'DIbaHmey meQ luSop 'e' tIv tera'nganpu'.
> Terrans enjoy eating burnt animals. (CK)
> (Note the ungrammatical lack of /lu-/ on /tIv/.  I may have added it on
> /Sop/ myself, unconsciously correcting more bad grammar; I don't remember.
> But the important part is that we have /Ha'DIbaHmey meQ/ "burnt animals.")
> SuStel
> Stardate 2143.4

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