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RE: KLBC - A short story

> qen SIS.
> Recently it rained.
> loQ poS Qorwagh 'ej 'el 'op yotwI'mey mach.
> A window was slightly open and some small invaders entered.


> juHwIj HubmeH, vem mangghomHeywIj Dugh.
> In order to defend my home, my vigilant "army" (so-called) awoke.

In english you said "so-called" {-qoq}.
In klingon you said {-Hey} "apparent".

> ghomHa' jaghmey.
> The enemies scattered.
> quSvo' Sup *Sable*, 'ej ravDaq HIv.
> Sable jumped from the chair and attacked on the floor.
> leghlaHbe' 'ach nom puS yotwI'mey HoH namwechDaj.
> She is not able to see, nevertheless her paw quickly killed several
> invaders.
> QoylaHbej.
> She is definitely able to hear.


> tlhoy'Daq toStaHvIs wej yotwI'mey jon *Rusty*.
> Rusty captured three invaders while they climbed the wall.

(Uppercase S)
If you use tlhoy' as the object of toS, tlhoy' lutoStaHvIS ..., thus using
the prefix they-it, we would then know that it's the invaders that were
climbing the wall and not Rusty.

> Hoch HoH.
> She killed all of them.


> HoHqu' ghewmey.
> The bugs were slaughtered.

"The bugs very much kill."
HoH - kill
Hegh - die

ghewmey luHoHqu'lu' - The bugs are very much killed
Heghqu' ghewmey - The bugs very much die.

Since the incident at Khitomer is called a massacre, I was surprised to not
find a word for it or "slaughter".

> pa'vo' qet wa' yotwI', 'ej quS bIngDaq So''egh 'e' nID 'oH.
> One invader ran from the room and tried to hide itself under a chair.
> pIm jeghvam 'ej 'ongqu'.
> This enemy was different and very cunning.
> HIvDI' *Nightfall* tlhuQDaj chagh jaghvam, 'ej qet.
> As soon as Nightfall attacked, this enemy dropped its tail and ran.
> vIH tlhuQ!  *Nightfall* mISmoH.  *Rusty* mISmoH.
> The tail moved!  It confused Nightfall.  It confused Rusty.


> 'ach *Sable* mISmoHbe' tlhuQ vIHtaH.
> But the moving tail did not confuse Sable.

vIHtaH as an adjective?  Let's make this a -bogh statement.
... vIHtaHbogh tlhuQ.

> raSDaq jagh jon.
> She captured the enemy under the table.

"On the table ..."
You forgot the bIng.  raS bIngDaq ...

> qama' moj lung.  yotlhHomDaq nargh 'e' vIchaw'.
> The lizard became a prisoner.  I allowed it to escape in the garden.


> pItlh.
> Finished

You certainly did a good job.

DloraH, BG

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