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KLBC - A short story

Working on those aspect markers :)  Still playing with locatives
And I have been working on this tale.  How's it look grammatically?
(I use the -mey suffix with "invaders" deliberately, as the invaders are not
"beings capable of language")

qen SIS.
loQ poS Qorwagh 'ej 'el 'op yotwI'mey mach.
juHwIj HubmeH, vem mangghomHeywIj Dugh.
ghomHa' jaghmey.
quSvo' Sup *Sable*, 'ej ravDaq HIv.
leghlaHbe' 'ach nom puS yotwI'mey HoH namwechDaj.

tlhoy'Daq toStaHvIs wej yotwI'mey jon *Rusty*.
Hoch HoH.   HoHqu' ghewmey.

pa'vo' qet wa' yotwI', 'ej quS bIngDaq So''egh 'e' nID 'oH.
pIm jeghvam 'ej 'ongqu'.
HIvDI' *Nightfall* tlhuQDaj chagh jaghvam, 'ej qet.
vIH tlhuQ!  *Nightfall* mISmoH.  *Rusty* mISmoH.
'ach *Sable* mISmoHbe' tlhuQ vIHtaH.
raSDaq jagh jon.
qama' moj lung.  yotlhHomDaq nargh 'e' vIchaw'.

English translation:
Recently it rained.
A window was slightly open and some small invaders entered.
In order to defend my home, my vigilant "army" (so-called) awoke.
The enemies scattered.
Sable jumped from the chair and attacked on the floor.
She is not able to see, nevertheless her paw quickly killed several
She is definitely able to hear.

Rusty captured three invaders while they climbed the wall.
She killed all of them.  The bugs were slaughtered.

One invader ran from the room and tried to hide itself under a chair.
This enemy was different and very cunning.
As soon as Nightfall attacked, this enemy dropped its tail and ran.
The tail moved!  It confused Nightfall.  It confused Rusty.
But the moving tail did not confuse Sable.
She captured the enemy under the table.
The lizard became a prisoner.  I allowed it to escape in the garden.

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