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Re: agentive -wI'

jatlh DloraH:

>I definately agree.  I'm not saying "Wow I have this super tool" and get 
>rid of
>the rest of my toolbox.  It's a tool that would sit in the bottom corner of 
>toolbox, maybe get used only once in a lifetime.

I personally don't like the prefix+verb+wI' construct, but one of these days 
Maltz may give us some sort of obscure grammar that would be perfectly 
suited to this usage. Many tools are perfect for one job and useless for 
everything else, so I'm a bit reluctant to dismiss the entire thing out of 
hand, in case we do receive a usage - perhaps a native Klingon literary 
device - that this would be perfect for.

Qapla' 'ej Satlho'


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