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RE: KLBC: SajmeywIj

> vIghro' 'oH Saj wa''e'. 
> One is a cat.
> lung 'oH Saj cha''e'.
> The other is a snake.

Just so other beginners know what you did here...
 vIghro' 'oH Saj wa''e'  "Pet #1 is a cat."
 lung 'oH Saj cha''e'    "Pet #2 is a snake (lizard)."

(Marc! We still don't have a word for "a snake like creature")

> machtaH 'oH 'ach ...
> She's small, but ...

Altho using -taH is technically correct, I don't think it's needed.

> chaq SuvwI' Dun 'oH 'e' Sov.
> Perhaps she thinks she is a great warrior.
> chaH chopqang 'oH 'e' Sovmo' chaH.
> they think she would bite them.
> Qob 'oH 'e' Sovmo' ghaH.
> because they think she's dangerous.

Your english says "think" [Qub], but
your klingon says "know"  [Sov].

> 'ach reH vIghro' yach ghaH neH
> But they always want to pet the cat,

Your english says "they"   [chaH], but
your klingon says "he/she" [ghaH].

> wej 'ujmey 'ab. 
> 105cm long. 

And yes, this measurement conversion is correct.

Excellent job.  majQa'

DloraH, BG

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