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RE: KLBC: SajmeywIj

DloraH wrote:

>  lung 'oH Saj cha''e'    "Pet #2 is a snake (lizard)."
>(Marc! We still don't have a word for "a snake like creature")

{ghargh}  "serpent, worm" TKD - note the comma.  (Okrand also calls them 
"serpent worm(s)" as one word elsewhere.  Is the comma a typo in 
TKD?)  When {gharghmey} are processed as food, they are called {qagh} 
*gagh*.  {raHta'} *racht* is another type of food worm.  There's also the 
{reghuluS 'Iwghargh} "Regulan bloodworm".

If it's larger than a worm - and Klingon serpent-worms are fairly large - 
we can use *{ghargh'a'} for snakes, eels, etc.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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