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KLBC: SajmeywIj

cha' Saj vIghaj.

vIghro' 'oH Saj wa''e'.  "Dana" ponglu'.  vagh ben bogh.  machtaH 'oH 'ach 
naSlaH!  ghotpu' law' chopta' 'ej ghewmey law' HoHta'.  chaq SuvwI' Dun 'oH 
'e' Sov.

lung 'oH Saj cha''e'.  "Catherine the Great" ponglu'.  chorgh ben bogh 'ej 
wej 'ujmey 'ab.  rut 'oH luHotvIp ghotpu', chaH chopqang 'oH 'e' Sovmo' chaH. 
 'ach Dap 'oH qechvam'e'.  not ghot choppu' lungwIj.  qu'Ha' 'oH.

SajmeywIj leghDI' ghot, pIj tlhaQ ghu'.  lung ghoSqangbe' SuchwI', Qob 'oH 
'e' Sovmo' ghaH.  'ach reH vIghro' yach ghaH neH, 'ej chop vIghro''e'!

parchuq SajmeywIj.  cha' ben lung rIQmoH vIghro' 'e' nID, vaj chop lung.  
valbe' vIghro', 'ach jajvetlh ghojmoHbej -- not lung nuQqa'pu' vIghro'.

In English:

I have two pets.

One is a cat.  Her name is Dana.  She's five years old.  She's small, but she 
can be vicious!  She's bitten many people and killed many bugs.  Perhaps she 
thinks she is a great warrior.

The other is a snake.  Her name is Catherine the Great.  She's eight years 
old and 105cm long.  Sometimes people are afraid to touch her because they 
think she would bite them.  But this idea is nonsense.  My snake has never 
bitten a person.  She's gentle.

When a person sees my pets, the situation is sometimes amusing.  The visitor 
won't go near the snake, because they think she's dangerous.  But they always 
want to pet the cat, and it's the cat that will bite them!

My pets dislike each other.  Two years ago, the cat tried to injure the 
snake, so the snake bit her.  The cat isn't smart, but that day she certainly 
learned -- the cat has never bothered the snake again.


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