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An apology to the list


This is Will speaking. charghwI' is taking a break. He'll be back, but in a 
somewhat different mode.

charghwI' has a dream about cooperation on the list that he and the list both 
fail to live up to and it gets to him sometimes. This time it had been building 
for some time and Qov's message, being rather personally addressed to him, but 
posted to the list at large, set him off. He's not proud of his behavior and 
wants everyone to know he doesn't think Qov is a bad person or anything. It's 
just one of those communication things that happens now and then.

Meanwhile, charghwI' is finishing up his diplomatic assignment here and is 
currently undergoing a Klingon mind probe to debrief him of all that he has 
learned. Likely it will hurt a lot, but hey, he is a Klingon, after all, so he 
doesn't mind much. It's just part of the job.

The docs tell me that he'll be just fine when he gets out, except that most 
likely, he will forget how to speak Fed Standard. That should keep him out of 
most arguments, anyway. He's always hated arguments, though few seem to realize 
it. Arguing in English about Klingon has always felt a lot like juggling 
tribbles for charghwI'. He just wants to throw them all away, but since they 
are already in the air, might as well continue...

So, I'm not sure when he'll resubscribe to the list, but when he does, likely 
he will be speaking only Klingon and not involve himself in arguments or 
commentary done in other languages. Neither he nor I are now subscribed to the 

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