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Re: thlIngan Stylus (was Re: Alphabet / pIqad)

ghel ro'Han:
>jatlh DantlhIgh:

>>I'm in Australia, so I am treading the path while thou art in thy slumber.
>Where in Australia do you live? I have been continuously trying to organise
>a qepHom for here, but I have found little interest from the general public
>and I am also not so crash hot in Klingon, so another Klingonist, however
>experienced, would be great.

toH, 'ej MelbourneDaq wa' tu'lu'chugh, muSovmoH 'e' vItlhob.

juHwo'DajDaq cheghpu'bogh nIchyon jIH. pItlh.

                              Dr Nick Nicholas.               
  "Must I, then, be the only one to be beheaded now?" "Why, did you want
everybody to be beheaded for your consolation?" Epictetus, Discourses 1.1.

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