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RE: KLBC: Challenge?

 Again, thankyou.  As I stated before we are trying to get this correct.  One more quefstion.  Since it was her parents initiated this challenge, would they somehow be involved?  Maybe one more does anyone live here in Denver?
  Steven Boozer <> wrote: T'Anna Kirk writes:
> >> Now I have another question. Is it right for a Klingon to
> >> challenge someone, to make sure he is worthy of the lady's hand
> >> in marriage? As a friend?
>Here's the relevant paragraph from KGT (p.69):
>"Though any perceived attack on one's honor may prompt one to issue a
>challenge, in one traditional form of duel, the goal is specifically
>for a man to "win the favor of a women" (vuv be' 'e' baj [literally,
>"earn that a woman respect him"]) by competing with another man."

>Though I must say I'm slightly confused. This challenge is from our 
>Klingon friend. He is asking this officer to prove his right to the 
>Female's hand. Would he still challenge him 2 the death? Basically he is 
>saying, "Vulcan prove you are worthy of this woman." He is trying to 
>prove a point. We as a crew wish to keep this challenge as Klingon as 
>possible. We want it to seem real. Any advice would be gladly accepted. 
>The Klingon does not wish to marry the female, he's just trying to push a 
>the male to keep his promise. The females parents had approached the 
>Klingon friend. With the female having full knowledge, but without 
>approval. Two more questions. Would the female be present at this 
>challenge? Who would be the referee? Or should I say, who should be the 

I would imagine the woman would have to be present and would probably be 
the referee. After all, even though there's an audience watching, *she's* 
the one the Vulcan ultimately has to convince: {vuv be' 'e' baj}.

If you can find a copy, look at the DS9 episode "Looking For par'Mach In 
All the Wrong Places" where Quark (with Worf's help via some high-tech 
cheating) duelled with Grilka's bodyguard, who thought the Ferengi unworthy 
of a high-born Klingon lady. Grilka watched them and she was the one who 
eventually stopped the duel short of death, eventually giving her... 
ahem... "favor" to her ex-husband. {ngugh vuv ghIrilqa' joH 'e' bajbej 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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