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Re: bopar'a'?

> :> QapDI' may', not nab pablu'chu', 'ach not Qap may', nabbe'lu'chugh
> : je.
> : -DI' implies when {not nab pablu'chu'} happens.  I don't read any
> : cause/effect
> : here.  The second sentence has the cause/effect with -chugh.
> :
> : Either:
> : Put a -chugh in the first sentence
> :   Qap may', not nab pablu'chu'chugh...
> {as soon as} 'oS je mojaq{-DI'}. pIj ngoDvam qImHa'lu'law' 'e' vItu'.
> taghwI' neH jIHmo' chaq potlhbe' vuDwIj 'ach naDev qaqlaw' mojaq
> {-chugh}.
> {-DI'} also implies {as soon as} though I get the impression that this
> particular gloss is often ignored. For all a beginner's opinion is
> worth, {-chugh} seems a better choice.

"as soon as" doesn't fit right either.
"As soon as the war succeeds, one never completely follows the plans."
It should be the other way around.  
"The war is won  as soon as/when  one doesn't completely follow the plans."
But even that doesn't really capture the right feel.

DloraH, BG

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