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RE: KLBC: Challenge?

T'Anna Kirk writes:
> >> Now I have another question. Is it right for a Klingon to
> >> challenge someone, to make sure he is worthy of the lady's hand
> >> in marriage? As a friend?
>Here's the relevant paragraph from KGT (p.69):
>"Though any perceived attack on one's honor may prompt one to issue a
>challenge, in one traditional form of duel, the goal is specifically
>for a man to "win the favor of a women" (vuv be' 'e' baj [literally,
>"earn that a woman respect him"]) by competing with another man."

>Though I must say I'm slightly confused.  This challenge is from our 
>Klingon friend.  He is asking this officer to prove his right to the 
>Female's hand.  Would he still challenge him 2 the death?  Basically he is 
>saying,  "Vulcan prove you are worthy of this woman."  He is trying to 
>prove a point.  We as a crew wish to keep this challenge as Klingon as 
>possible.  We want it to seem real.  Any advice would be gladly accepted. 
>The Klingon does not wish to marry the female, he's just trying to push a 
>the male to keep his promise.  The females parents had approached the 
>Klingon friend.  With the female having full knowledge, but without 
>approval.  Two more questions.  Would the female be present at this 
>challenge?  Who would be the referee? Or should I say, who should be the 

I would imagine the woman would have to be present and would probably be 
the referee.  After all, even though there's an audience watching, *she's* 
the one the Vulcan ultimately has to convince: {vuv be' 'e' baj}.

If you can find a copy, look at the DS9 episode "Looking For par'Mach In 
All the Wrong Places" where Quark (with Worf's help via some high-tech 
cheating) duelled with Grilka's bodyguard, who thought the Ferengi unworthy 
of a high-born Klingon lady.  Grilka watched them and she was the one who 
eventually stopped the duel short of death, eventually giving her... 
ahem... "favor" to her ex-husband.  {ngugh vuv ghIrilqa' joH 'e' bajbej 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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