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RE: KLBC: Challenge?

> Standard: I challenge you for her hand in marriage.
> Literal translation: jIH qaD yI- -vaD -daj ghop tlhogh.
> Correct translation (I think):yItloghdaj ghopvad qaD jIH?

Watch the capital letters.

You chose yI- for "you".  yI- is an imperative prefix, which means you're
telling someone to do something, you're giving an order.
"I challenge you"
I - subject;  you - object
The I-to-you prefix is qa-.
qaqaD "I challenge you"

tlhogh is a noun, so it can't take a prefix.

vISawmeH qaqaD.  "I challenge you for the purpose that I marry her."

vISaw  "I marry her"
Add the suffix -meH, vISawmeH  "For the purpose of marrying her"

> Answer to challenge (First time): NOT HERE, NOT NOW.
> Literal translation: (couldn't find translation.  Help.)

There are several ways to answer.
Qo' "I won't"
naDev qaqaDQo'  "I won't challenge you here."
DaH qaqaDQo'  "I won't challenge you now."
qaDlIj vIlajQo'  "I won't accept your challenge."

> After Second challenge: I ACCEPT.
> Literal translation:jIH laj
> Correct Translarion: jIlaj?

The prefix jI- implies no object.
jIlaj does work; or you could specify that there is an object, the
vIlaj "I accept it"
qaDlIj vIlaj  "I accept your challenge"
But in the context jIlaj should work just fine.

For more information on this topic, read KGT p67-69 Duels and Challenges.

DloraH, BG

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