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Re: KLBC: chay' mu'meyvam lo'lu'?

From: <>
> Given the gloss "keep something secret", I've really wanted this to be a
> transitive verb, but all usage I've ever noted has been intransitive. As
> notes, you need {-moH}.

I disagree.  Canon doesn't prove that /pegh/ can't work the way TKD
suggests.  It just proves that it can work in another way.  I would fully

nuH vIpegh.
I keep the weapon secret.

I suspect that Okrand simply never needed to use /pegh/ this way, and so
hasn't.  He probably needed "be secret" for Conversational Klingon (/pegh
De'vetlh/, "That is classified information"), and extended the meaning of
/pegh/.  This doesn't invalidate the original meaning.

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