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Re: KLBC: chay' mu'meyvam lo'lu'?

In a message dated 2/5/2002 12:41:58 PM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> This one may be a problem.  None of the examples of {pegh} "keep something
> > > secret, be secret, classified" I know of take an object

Many dictionary entries of languages other than tlhIngan Hol use this 
convention.  "To keep something secret" means the user of the verb can put an 
Object in place of the word "something."  The result we get is "to secret 
something."  This implies transitivity.  While I am not sure that it what Dr. 
Okrand meant here, it does seem plausible.

Thus, {De' pegh bu' matlh} would be "The loyal sergeant keeps the information 

This all means that I personally feel {pegh} can be used as a transitive 
verb.  But, with no proof, I will remain cautious and just not use it this 
way until MO tells us the truth of the matter.


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