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Re: Alphabet

> I've run into an interesting variation on this concept with my fiancee.
> originally from Philadelphia, while I'm a native Virginian. She's
> that I actually pronounce "where" and "wear" differently. She thinks it is
> charming that I jet a puff of air when I say "where", but I don't when I
> say "wear", and yet she cannot bring herself to do the same.

yaHwIjDaq *Russia*ngan vISov (DaH Russia Dabbe'ba' ghaH).  HolQeD HaD 'e'
tIv.  pIm "w" "wh" je ghaH vIja'DI', vImermoH.  QIt bIH vIjatlh 'ej pIm bIH
'e' QoylaH ghaH.

"weapon" jatlhDI' *Michael Dorn*, jatlh "wheapon."  yIQIjchu'chugh DaQoy.
reH teSwIj 'oy' QIchDaj.

> I also remember my philosophy professor who grew up in Georgia swearing
> there was no difference between "pen" and "pin". Even when pairs of
> would show him that we could pronounce the two words distinctly enough
that we
> could tell the difference, he declared that we were conspiring to pretend
to be
> able to tell the difference when really they were just the same word. He
> not hear the difference.


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