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RE: Alphabet

>>> I have not checked your math, either.  Have you deducted the 
>>> syllables that just won't work?  For example, 'ow', 'uw and 
>>> 'Iy' are "impossible."

> BTW, a quick glance at page 17 of the TKD indicates that Iy is, in fact, 
> acceptable; at least, it is listed among the diphthongs.  A quick check of 
> my electronic dictionary shows: lIy, mIy, rIymuS, SonchIy, vIychorgh, wIy.

I think the point peHruS was trying to make is that we have no examples anywhere in the vocabulary of the <y'> consonant cluster following an <I>. We have plenty of words with <-ay'>, <-oy'> and <-uy'>, and a few with <-ey'>, but none with <-Iy'>. Whether this means that syllables don't end in <-Iy'> in Klingon at all, or just that it's so rare that we have not seen it in the subset of the vocabulary we know about is another matter.

I would call <'ow'> an impossible syllable because TKD tells us it is, but I would be very hesitant about calling <'Iy'> impossible.


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