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Re: subjects in complex sentences

>But none of these counter-examples contain a SAO, which is what I thought we
>were discussing:  SAO's when the subject on both sides of {'e'} is identical. 
>In fact, I couldn't find any examples where Okrand introduces the noun first,
>pronoun second (though he sometimes uses pronouns only on both sides), which 
>is why I thought the pattern worthy of mention. 

: Of the seven examples given, three are variations on a theme from TKW and
: probably shouldn't count as separate.  One is from unpublished notes.  The

They were published in HolQeD, at which point they become part of the corpus.

: remaining three all have various grammatical (or perhaps editorial or
: typographical) errors.

Perhaps.  Nevertheless, there are *no* examples of the antecendant noun first,
pronoun second pattern in Okrand's SAOs - which is, again, why I thought the
pattern worthy of mention.  Now, as to why he prefers this pattern ...

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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