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Re: subjects in complex sentences

ja' Qov:
>[... many other good examples deleted ...]
>Voragh, bIche'chu'.  You know what you're talking about and you support it
>with canon that brooks no argument.

jIghoHrup jIH.

Of the seven examples given, three are variations on a theme from TKW and
probably shouldn't count as separate.  One is from unpublished notes.  The
remaining three all have various grammatical (or perhaps editorial or
typographical) errors.

There are many other canon examples of complex sentences where the first
noun is *not* the one elided.  Maybe the SAO construction is exceptional,
but in general -- and in accordance with TKD (pp 61-62) -- it's the later
nouns which are replaced by pronouns or left out entirely.

>>De gustibus non disputandum est.
>You've convinced me.  It's not taste, it's English bias...

I remain unconvinced.  If there's an English bias, I propose that it's in
the imperfectly translated examples.  Holvam vIjatlhqu' jay', 'ej DujwIj

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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