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Re: KLBC Translation needed

From: "Maurer Marc CF CH" <>
> I'm not sure if this is an issue (I hate this word, but it sounds very
> important ;-) ) of global interrest. If not please tell me.

It is, in that most people want to choose a Klingon name for themselves.

> But what's about a
> name? My name? I guess there has to be a counterpart of "Marc" in klingon
> because "Marc" means something like "Son of Mars" or "Belonging to Mars"
> since "Mars" means "God of war" I think it's possible to translate it in
> way into klingon.

You can translate "son of the god of war" into Klingon, sure, but that
doesn't make it an equivalent Klingon name the way that English "James" and
Spanish "Diego" are equivalent names.  You need related languages for this
to happen, and Klingon and Terran languages are not related in any way.

> I couldn't find a literally translation of "Mars", but when noH means war
> (could noH have another meaning, something like "to judge" or veS means
> (maybe better), then there has to be a thing like "veSQun" or "QunveS".
> AFAIK there is no such word. Is it allowed to build such words to create a
> name? Even if they don't fit into the official grammar? "puqloD QunveS"
> could then be the name, but it's not only one word.

No, there is no word */veSQun/ "warfare-god," but that doesn't mean you
can't use it as your name.  And /veS Qun puqloD/ "son of the god of war"
seems a bit long for a name, but you can use whatever you want.  Names don't
have to be words.

> I also couldn't find translations for "belong to" or "be part of" or
> like that.

I'll let Quvar talk to you about this, but look at my above examples and see
the Klingon noun-noun construction.

> Maybe it's strange, but I think that I should have a name first,
> a klingon name. I know, most of the names doesn't have a meaning at all,
> yes, I may be a little bit strange, but for me a name is more than just a
> word, it can also "describe" a person.

toH!  veS Qun puqloD SoH 'e' DaHar'a'?
So, you believe you're the son of the god of war?  :-)

> chu' DIS Quchjaj
> I hope you'll understand this as a kind of "Happy new year" or "May the
> year be happy"

DIS chu' DatIvjaj je!  'ej tugh pong DawIvjaj!

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