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Re: KLBC Translation needed

Yes, we're a relatively friendly group, and very encouraging to beginners. 

I encourage you to check to see if a qepHom is scheduled near you, or 
consider hosting one yourself to allow you the benefit of practicing with 
other Klingon speakers, whether they be beginners or experts.

And of course, one of the *best* ways to improve your command of the language 
is to come to the annual qep'a'. For 2003, we'll again be having special 
beginners' sessions during the first two mornings. I believe these were 
*extremely* helpful to the people who participated in them this year (and 
they're free to post their own opinions). Yes, it's a long way to travel, but 
you're part of a truly unique language community, and that carries with it 
some extra responsibilities and requirements.

-- 'angghal

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