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RE: KLBC Translation needed

Hi Quvar

I'm not sure if this is an issue (I hate this word, but it sounds very
important ;-) ) of global interrest. If not please tell me.

Thank you for your answer (and also for the other suggestions)! I agree with
you that this sentence isn't the best to begin with. But what's about a
name? My name? I guess there has to be a counterpart of "Marc" in klingon
because "Marc" means something like "Son of Mars" or "Belonging to Mars" and
since "Mars" means "God of war" I think it's possible to translate it in any
way into klingon.

I couldn't find a literally translation of "Mars", but when noH means war
(could noH have another meaning, something like "to judge" or veS means war
(maybe better), then there has to be a thing like "veSQun" or "QunveS". But
AFAIK there is no such word. Is it allowed to build such words to create a
name? Even if they don't fit into the official grammar? "puqloD QunveS"
could then be the name, but it's not only one word.

I also couldn't find translations for "belong to" or "be part of" or things
like that. Maybe it's strange, but I think that I should have a name first,
a klingon name. I know, most of the names doesn't have a meaning at all, but
yes, I may be a little bit strange, but for me a name is more than just a
word, it can also "describe" a person.

>You're here to learn klingon, and besides, your english is quite good! What
>is your native language?

When you take a look at the way I build sentences it couldn't be to
difficult to guess: German. I'm from Switzerland, near Basel. Maybe someday
I can introduce myself in tlhIngan Hol, in ten or twenty years, but for now
english has to be enough. ;)

Okay, let's go back to work.

chu' DIS Quchjaj

I hope you'll understand this as a kind of "Happy new year" or "May the new
year be happy"


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