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Re: KLBC Translation needed

jatlh ngabwI'
> And the Beginner's Grammarian is very patient. Have fun with this

As are all the other experts and past BG's on the board.  I am also a
beginner and once I really started reading TKD (The Klingon Dictionary) I
found that tlhIngan Hol is a lot easier than it first looks.  I had tried
numerous times to learn and had given up each time.  Then one person took an
interest in helping me learn, one step at a time, and using Qov's words: I
became able to construct beautiful sentences.

It does not take as long as you would think to learn tlhIngan Hol, just
remember that capitalization is everything in the language.  Anyway I have
taken up enough time as I still have stuff to do.  Hopefully soon I can get
back to concentrating on the language... and work on translating this e-mail
into Klingon for practice.


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