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RE: KLBC Translation needed

Tag, Marc!
My name is Scott, but I am on this list as {ngabwI'}. Welcome.
>When you take a look at the way I build sentences it couldn't be to 
>difficult to guess: German. I'm from Switzerland, near Basel.

   Your English is just fine for communicating on this board. My family is 
from Bremen, so I grew up bilingual (speaking two languages).

>I can introduce myself in tlhIngan Hol, in ten or twenty years, but for now 
>english has to be enough. ;)
   Don't let the fact that tlhIngan Hol was designed to be alien scare you. 
I bought my Dictionary in 1994, but I only really started studying it three 
months ago. After finding this board, and asking what I thought were really 
dumb questions, I started to compose entire questions in tlhIngan Hol. 
(Although, they were short). It's not a difficult language to learn. There 
are no genders and no articles. (Articles are words like "der", "die", and 
"das"). Cases (nominative, accusative, genitive, etc.,) are determined by 
word order and the verb suffices (more than one suffix). Es ist nicht so 
schwer! As one beginner to another, I have one word of advice: "Flashcards". 
And the Beginner's Grammarian is very patient. Have fun with this language!

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